95 Water Balloons in the Swim Pool

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95 Water BalloonsNumber #19 on my list of 25 Toddler Activities to Try was water balloons.  No, you didn’t miss the first #18 posts.  I’m not doing these in order and I’m not even posting about them in the order that we try them.  So bear with me as we start with number 19.

Anyways, I had a package of 100 small water balloons so I started filling them up tossing them into the kiddie pool for Miss Genesis to play with.  One had a leak and four I over filled and they popped so the goal was to have 95 water balloons in the pool.

The Process

It didn’t take as long as I thought it would to fill and tie all the balloons but by the end I was sure thinking I’d love to have this little contraption next time (link) so I can fill 37 at once and not have to tie all those knots!

The Fun

I got up to 95 (90 in the pool, 5 in the garbage) while Miss Genesis happily played in the pool, placing the balloons on her blow-up raft and dumping them off again and overall just having a blast!  She was very excited about the whole thing.  She splashed, she laughed, she giggled at the bloob-bloobs.  If you don’t know what a bloob-bloob is, it’s because Miss Genesis made up that word.  It’s used to describe the balloon’s knot.  She invented the word about six months ago and still thinks bloob-bloobs are hilarious.

The Disaster

And then, the end of knot tying and being sprayed by water while trying to get the balloons onto the faucet was in sight.  I had five balloons left to fill.  That’s when something happened…

That something was a pink water balloon, one that I put a little less water in than the others and it *gasp* touched my toddlers leg.  It was *shockhorror*… squishy.  And so the panic ensued about all pink water balloons as she begged for help getting out of the pool and demanded all the pink balloons be removed before we could proceed.

I fished a few of the pink balloons out but then she spotted a squishy red one too and was done with the entire thing.  She was not going to go near that pool anymore and she wanted only to get inside and be done with the entire ordeal.


A few hours later I noticed that some of the water balloons in the pool had been exploding on their own into the water, so I decided to give things one more try.  After all, I didn’t want all that filling and knot tying to have been for naught.  I casually suggested we try again and she was adamant she was not getting in the pool with the water balloons again and she wanted me to get them out.

So I went into the backyard, leaving the door open for her to join me.  I told her I was getting rid of them and I started throwing them onto the cement.  She watched them pop and splash and decided that this was a fun game.  There were about fifty or sixty balloons still left and she had a fantastic time throwing them to the ground.  Yay!

Water Balloons Bonus Play

By this point, there were broken pieces of water balloons all over my yard.  To my surprise, Miss Genesis enjoyed finding and picking up the pieces as much as she had enjoyed popping them! Yay!  The yard was cleaned up in no time.


Would we do this activity again?
Yes!  We’d skip the pool portion though.  I think it’d be good to try a target to throw the water balloons at instead.

Water Balloons in the pool


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