Glittery Diaper Gel in a Bag – Mess Free Baby Activity

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Mess Free Baby Activity - Diaper Gel in a BagI’ve decided to post some of the activities we’ve done in the past.  I enjoyed this mess free baby activity because it entertained my 9 month old for a very long time.

1) Tear open the diaper and take out the fluffy white stuff inside.

2) Toss the fluffy stuff into a ziplock.

3) Add some water to the bag (you don’t need much!).  You want the bag contents to be squishy and gel-like.  Don’t over fill the bag.  I’d say about half way full worked well for us.

4) Add food colouring and glitter if you want to. Mix it around.

5) Seal the bag.  Seal it well!  Use tape.  Double bag it. (I used the second ziplock upside down)  Try to get as much air out as possible while sealing it.  (I find that dipping a bag slowly into a sink/tub full of water while sealing it squeezes the air out really well, just don’t get more water inside the bag)

6) Flatten it onto a table or window (This would look neat with the sun shining through!) and tape it down really well.  We used Duct tape as that’s what we had on hand, but painters tape would probably be more ideal.

7) The fun part: Let your little one play with it.  Miss Genesis spent a long time poking at it, drawing in it, and just experimenting with it.  There was no mess and we left it up for a few weeks.

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