Flour and Foam

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There was this day back when Miss Genesis was 9 months old that I couldn’t decide on which sensory activity to do so I decided to do two at once: flour and foam.  It was fun, but it was also a mess.


The first activity was dish soap foam. The supplies we used were:

This is really easy to make, just add some dish soap and water) to the blender and turn it on high.  You can add in food coloring too, or just leave it white.    It doesn’t stay foamy for too long, but it was fun for her to play with and was still bubbly at the least later.  I made three batches: one pink, one purple, and one blue.  Then I swirled them together.  Looking back I’d probably skip the color because it did stain her hands.


The second activity was flour mixed with a bit of baby oil.  It was supposed to be moldable but I didn’t add enough oil so it wasn’t.  If I had had more oil I would have added more, but I didn’t. It was basically just like playing with flour.

Flour and Foam Playtime

Then I added the baby and that’s when things got a bit messy.  As you can see, before she even had a chance to play in it, she crawled through the foam, hence the blue knee.

Now, I’m not even going to pretend that the clean-up was easy, but it cleaned up well.  There were no stains on the blanket or the clothes (I washed them immediately).  The flour turned gluey so took quite a hosing down but in all honesty it was clean in about ten minutes.  The baby needed a bath, I probably shouldn’t have bothered with the food colouring since scrubbing it off her skin was the longest part of the clean up process.

Miss Genesis had a LOT of fun with this one, but the clean-up was enough that I haven’t attempted it again since and when I do it the next time we’ll do one activity at a time.  Hopefully being older now will equate to it being a little cleaner too.

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  1. Just look at the sensory experiences she is having. Maybe water colors might be a better option or as you say one medium at a time. Thank you for sharing.

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