25 Toddler Activities to Try

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25 Toddler Activities

Once upon a time there was a woman who made a goal.  That goal was to post 100 blog posts by the end of 2017.  The next morning she wanted to take it all back.  100 posts?! Impossible!  It was too much writing!  Yeah, okay that woman was me three days ago. So anyway, after some contemplation I have realised that if I’m going to make 100 posts about activities I do with my toddler, I’m going to have to come up with some toddler activities we want to try.  Therefore, I’ve been scouring pinterest and other blogs to find some.

These are the 25 toddler activities that made the top of my list and they are the ones we will be trying first.  We will more than likely take many liberties with them and change them up to make them work for us.  (And yes I know I’ll need more than 25 for 100 posts but it’s a start, right?)

For all the activities below, please follow through to the links provided to read the original posts on the authors blogs.

1. Oil & Art

Look at all the pretty colours!  Miss Genesis would love this activity by Growing a Jewelled Rose.  Toddler Activity Oil & Art

2. Crystalized Painting

We actually did this one in the past but Miss Genesis is older enough that I think she’d enjoy it even more this time around.  (You can find the original idea here.)

3. Clothes Pin Surprise Eggs

I think this will be a hard one for us because I’m not very artistic and Miss Genesis is at an age where she’ll need me to do most of the crafting part still, but I know she’ll LOVE the final result because she’s been obsessed with “Surprise Eggs” lately so we’ll give it a shot.

4. Picture Frame Window Ornaments

While I got the idea from this post, We’ll be changing it up quite a bit.  The post is showing light table screens and we want to make hanging window ornaments with a similar look.  I think we’ll use contact paper instead of cellophane too.

5. Animal Washing Station

I love this idea from Coffee Cups and Crayons, but Miss Genesis loves the book “Dirty Dirty Dinosaur” right now so we’ll likely use Dinosaurs instead of farm animals.  Also we won’t do it in the water table because Miss Genesis will just dump the soil into the water if they aren’t separated by several feet haha.

Click picture to buy this book on Amazon
6. Painting on Tinfoil

I found this post over at Messy Little Monster and thought the results looked beautiful.  Miss Genesis is always asking me if we can paint and I need to let her more often.

7. What’s Missing Game

This popular shower game can easily be adapted into a toddler activity as demonstrated by busytoddler.com.  We can’t wait to play!

8. Hand Print Flowers

Posted here these hand print flowers will make a terrific art Keepsake.

9. Create a Toddler Activities and Messy Play Garden

This isn’t one I’ve really found on other blogs, though if I search for it I’m sure there’s plenty of them.  It’s just something we have planned for this summer.

10. Face Flip Book
This idea from I Heart Crafty Things is sure to entertain Miss Genesis for a long time!
Toddler Activities Flip Book
11. Colour Scavenger Hunt

While Miss Genesis already knows her colours well, she loves matching games and I think she’ll enjoy this  more challenging version too!

12. Board Game/Card Game Party

Miss Genesis loves playing games but we don’t sit down to play them as much as I’d like.  I’ll update you after we do this with which games she enjoyed the most!

13. Act out a Story

Miss Genesis loves to read, so why not bring some of her favourite stories to life?

14.  Upside Down Drawing

Taping paper under a table to lie under as you draw would be quite the challenge I think!

15. Turn Milk into Plastic

We’ve actually done this science experiment before and made a little puzzle from it. It worked great, but Miss Genesis was too young to remember now and this time she could participate in the steps more. Visit Howweelearn.com for instructions.

Toddler Activities and Science

16. Drawing to Music

I love this idea by Artful Parent and would like to try several types of music to see how the drawings differ.

17. Scooping & Pouring Toddler Activities Station

Water, water and more water!  Miss Genesis loves pouring and I think she’d have a blast with this water station from busytoddler.com

18. Popsicle Stick Shapes

Nothing could be simpler than building shapes with popsicle sticks and I’m all for toddler activities that are easy to set up and easy to clean up.

19. Water Balloons

It’s summer, so I bought some water balloons for us to play with outside.
Update: We tried this activity.  Read about our experience here.

20. Glue

Whenever we do a craft requiring glue, I do the gluing to avoid a mess.  One of these days I’m going to hand her a bunch of scrap tissue paper or something and let her at it. There’s a terrific list of ways to introduce glue to toddlers over on craftulate.comToddler Activities - Glue

21. Write a Letter

My daughter has two penpals that she corresponds to through the organization Compassion International.   A boy in Peru and a girl in Mexico who are close to her age.  I’ll write more about that in a future post, but if your kids don’t have penpals they can always write to a relative as well.

22. Princess Tea Party

We have a lot of tea parties actually and my daughter loves them.  I let her pour the tea which is great pouring practice. She also loves princesses though, so I think one of these days we’ll make some paper crowns and get all dressed up for a princess themed tea party.

23. Kleenex Box Guitar

This guitar craft looks simple and fun!  Next time I get through a box of Kleenex it’ll be on our list 🙂

24. Sticky Wall

Tape Contact Paper to the Wall and let her stick stuff to it.

25. Yes Day

I’ve always wanted to have a yes day for my kids.  A day where, within reason, we do whatever she wants all day.   When she asks if we can go swimming, to the park AND the library in one day… yes! A tea party for dinner? Yes!  There would have to be some limitations of course, based on safety, expenses, etc… but most of the time the stuff my kid wants to do are pretty simple requests to fulfill.

So there ya have it.  If you found any of these toddler activities useful please consider sharing the post and/or subscribing to my blog.  I will posting about how each of these activities went for us in the near-ish future.  And if you try any of these please let me know in the comments how they worked out for you!



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