Sparkles and Sand Sensory Play

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A few days ago I was trying to cook dinner and needed to occupy Miss Genesis at the same time.  She wanted to play in her kiddie pool but I could not supervise her and cook at the same time so I needed an activity that was quick to set up.  I grabbed a container and dumped in some colorful play sand and a tube of sparkles.  I also added in a chopstick for drawing in the sand.  It made an excellent sensory play experience.  Sparkles & Sand Sensory PlayWhen she was done drawing, I added some more sparkles and gave her some assorted tools to use in the mixture.

Sparkles & Sand Sensory Play

Later she added some different toys on her own, so we poured the mixture into a bigger container.

Sparkles and Sand Sensory Play

Because this activity was contained, it made for a very easy clean-up.  If you used a container that had a lid you could just put that on and store it for later use.  Ours didn’t but I just took out the toys and poured the sand into a jar.  It was mess free in our case but I would recommend it only for kids old enough to not dump the sand onto your carpet, for obvious reasons.

Supplies We Used (amazon affiliate links):

Many of the items above we use over and over again in our different sensory play activities.

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