Sensory Bottle Bowling

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When I started this blog I promised to tell you what works for us AND what doesn’t. Sensory Bottle Bowling did not.

Sensory Bottle Bowling

Miss Genesis loves the sensory bottles that I made her when was a baby.  She’s 2.5 years old now and still plays with them almost daily.

The first time I tried the sensory bottle bowling activity was just before her second birthday. I thought she would love knocking the bottles down, but she was not interested.  After approximately one minute of play she had had enough.  Instead, she made up a new game of her own that involved running around them in circles.

Miss Genesis had fun, but it was not the original activity I had planned.

However, the activity was so quick and easy to set up that I thought I would try one more time now that she’s a bit older.  At first Miss Genesis seemed quite excited about it. She cheered for herself when she knocked down a bottle.  However, after about three minutes she quickly grew tired of the game again and moved onto her other toys.

The supplies for this activity are ones that are always within her reach on the toy shelf, so if she wants to play it again at this point she can initiate it herself.  It would surprise me if she did though.  I would still recommend others try it.  Miss Genesis prefers quiet and gentle play activities most days so that could be the reason why this one did not appeal to her.  If you have sensory bottles (or any bottles) and a ball it couldn’t hurt to try!

I will make another post about the sensory bottles we have and what is in each one another time.

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