Pre-Writing – Button Letters

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Pre-Writing Button LettersI decided to have Miss Genesis design letters out of buttons during one of our preschool homeschool sessions.  This ended up being a fantastic pre-writing activity.  She was engaged the entire time and really loved this one so we will be doing it again soon.

We started with a worksheet that we downloaded from  This is a one of my favourite websites for preschool activities because you can search for them by grade level or subject and there are plenty to choose from.  My daughter has loved each and every activity from there.  Usually I laminate the pages that I print so that my daughter can use them over and over again and she does.

We were focused on the letter A this time so we used a worksheet from the Alice in Wonderland themed pack.  I linked to the pack above.  This worksheet can be used as a playdoh mat or for dot markers or anything else you choose.  Miss Genesis doesn’t quite have the playdoh making skills for playdoh mats yet and we did not own any dot markers so we chose to place buttons on the dots that formed the letter A.

We used these buttons here.   (amazon affiliate link)

Pre-Writing Worksheet
Click the image to visit and download this worksheet.
*Warning: Young children playing with buttons need to be supervised at all times.  Miss Genesis even asked me while playing with them, “Are these candy?”  Anything small and colorful can look like that to a child.  Fortunately, I was there to answer no and make sure she didn’t try one. *

After Miss Genesis was done with the worksheet, she decided to form her own without the paper.  I was impressed with how well she did.   She spent a lot of time on this activity.  It was a fun challenge for her and a great pre-writing activity because it combined fine motor skills and letter forming skills into one.  The fine motor skills are helpful for building the muscles it needs to properly hold a pencil later.

Pre-Writing Button Letters


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