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The word Genesis means ‘Beginning’ and the journey of ones formal education usually starts with the basic ABC’s.  So why, you may ask, is the name of my blog not From Genesis to XYZ instead? Would it not make more sense to go from beginning to end?

Maybe, and that’d have been a nifty name too.  But I believe that each beginning takes you not to the end, but to another beginning.  When you learn your ABC’s you didn’t just stop there and say “The End, I’m done.” No, you began the next step of learning the letter sounds, and then you began to read.  From one beginning to the next and if we’re lucky, the learning didn’t stop at graduation but it continues on for always.

What is From Genesis to ABC?
The obvious answer is that it’s my blog.  I’ll be posting toddler activities here as well as homeschooling activities as my toddler graduates into preschool learning.

Who are you?
I’m a Christian working single mum about to start a journey into the land of homeschooling.  A land that will be beginning with the very basics.  Preschool.

What will you post here?
I’m going to post resources.  As we try new activities I will post what works for us and what we tried that didn’t work.  I might make some of my own work sheets and post them here.

How often will you post?
I don’t know. I’m guessing I’m going to be very busy.  I will post when I can.  It’ll be another few weeks before we officially begin with preschool homeschooling as I am using these next few weeks to plan lessons. My child is 2 and a half, so it’s not a rush.  I’m starting to prepare now because I will be a lot busier once we officially start.  I’ll post toddler activities that we do as well.

Will you homeschool Preschool – Grade 12?
That’s the plan.

*Note: As I have made this a public blog in able to hopefully help other homeschooling parents too, I will not be revealing a lot about my child on this blog.  I will refer to her by the nickname Miss Genesis.  If you happen to know us in real life and know my daughter’s actual name, please refrain from using it in the comments.  For the most part I will be using stock photos rather than photos of my daughter, unless the photos are unrecognizeable.

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