100 Posts in 2017 – New Blog Goal

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I’ve decided to challenge myself by making it my goal to create 100 new posts in 2017.  I started this blog in May and have 10 posts to date.  This will be number 11.  Yes, I am totally counting previous posts and even this post.  Is that cheating? Probably.  But it will still mean I have to get up a new one every other day on average and that will be a lot more writing than I normally find the time to do.

Writing 100 Blog Post Goal

The majority of my posts will be about the activities and preschool homeschooling ideas that I do with Miss Genesis or have done with her in the past.  I’ll probably include some of the adventures we have had together as I did in my last two posts.   I might throw in a few other posts now and then like this one that are unrelated just because I wanted to write them.  We’ll see.

But the goal is 100.

Wish me luck and perseverance!

If you wish to join me this or a similar challenge, feel free to leave me a link to your blog in the comments below too.

And please subscribe! I’d love to get some subscribers so I’m not writing to just myself, *hint hint*.


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