What I Liked and Loved about June 2017 – Toddlers First Trip

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I’ve decided to join up with the Liked and Loved Linky again this month, which is hosted by Stevie over at A Cornish Mum.  Click the button below to visit her blog.

A Cornish Mum
For this month no doubt my favourite thing was taking Miss Genesis (age 2.5) on her first ever overnight holiday.  She was so excited!  It was her first time riding on a ferry and her first hotel stay.
The main purpose of the trip was to go there for my brother’s university graduation (master’s degree).
I think that Miss Genesis was most excited about was sleeping in the hotel though.
Because I didn’t think she’d sit still through the ceremony, her and I explored the city while we waited and then joined our family to celebrate and take photos after.
We met an elderly gentelman feeding ducks in the park, so we joined in.
Travel with a Toddler
We threw rocks into the Pacific Ocean.
Travel with a Toddler
We discovered some peacocks in a park.

We met a lion on the playground and drove a car with him.

We strolled through a little rose garden.
We met some animals at a petting zoo.
GoatLlamasTravel with a Toddler
And we flew a kite with Grandpa (not during the ceremony but on the same trip.)
Flying a KiteTravel with a Toddler

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